Life Goes On

And so must I.

So here I am, back at work; actually, I never stopped working but I did abandon any marketing effort with Obeahman’s Dagger, my first full-length novel, that I self-published with CreateSpace, Amazon’s print-on-demand service for self-publishing.

This means of course, that I’m responding to the marketing challenge with fresh ideas and energy. It also means that I’m writing a sequel to Dagger which is now categorized as the first book in the Obeahman series. The working title for the second book is The Brooklyn Museum Exhibit and tells what happens when the Count sends his minions to recover the Dagger.

Self-publishing is hard work. I’d really prefer to spend all my time writing; all this marketing stuff is distracting, and expensive. I not only have to write books, I must now manage the business of marketing and distributing them. Oh, and the accounting for the tax-one!

Did you notice that? I’m trying out an idea for a non-binary pronoun — one. Instead of ‘tax-man/woman’ I’ve substituted ‘tax-one’. What do you think? It can be a little awkward at times, as in

Anyone can vote in any public election as long as one has valid proof of citizenship.

but on the whole I think it can work. How about it?

About neiladaniel

Self published writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, so far.
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