Sensory Overload

You know, there’s this thing that happens to humans when their senses are bombarded with data, to the point of overload. Our brains sorta shut down and we become weird and lethargic, interspersed with irrational fits of anger. But mostly we’re incapacitated. You see it, don’t you? How we’ve become numbed to the outrageous acts of injustice and violence to which we are all subject? Well I’m tired of it, tired of doing nothing, of yielding to the feeling of helplessness.

Instead, I propose a way to turn the helplessness into real power. And no, I’m not talking about voting for some stupid politician. I’m talking about taking action, seizing power for ourselves.

Let us join in saying no, loudly and categorically.

Let us join in a day of Refusal and Rejection. Let us join hands and say no.

What I’m proposing is a day when we all stay home. Every family together on the front porch, the front lawn, the sidewalk, the stoop, clearly demonstrating their refusal to participate in the madness into which we have been inducted.

Armed with signs, with songs and with prayer, exercising our right to peaceful demonstration. Imagine it, if you will. All the good people of the nation, the gay and the straight, the old and the young, the families, the congregations, all joined together in the hope for a better world.

Are you in?

About neiladaniel

Self published writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, so far.
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1 Response to Sensory Overload

  1. Jemma Redman says:

    Great idea Neil, I already do that though, live in another dumension, God’s. Be in the world but not if it. Blessings, continue to inspire.


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