The Pen Is Power

For a very long time, I had no desire to write and publish anything, mostly because I thought that I’d nothing to add to the conversation, so to speak. George Orwell had written 1984 and I watched with profound sadness as the predictable torrent of words flowed from the High Tower, starting on New Year’s Day 1984, all in denial of the prescience of Orwell’s vision. The power of the attack was stunning; this was all-out war. What army of words could I assemble to relieve Orwell’s old and weary forces? Discouraged, I did nothing but watch and wait.

Fast-forward to 2014.

I’ve been watching, with much frustration, the way the popular mind has been propagandized into catatonia. The people’s humanity has been used against them by an elite cadre of authorized pens. They have been brutalized, gendered, racialized and traumatized. The professional abusers of Psychology have deployed the science of mind-control to prey on the once-proud citizens of the countries in which they operate. And that’s now (almost?) everywhere. National borders have been breached. I must do something. As hopeless as it seems, I must use my pen, my voice, to defend the truth, to urge my fellow humans to open their eyes, to look and see what was happening to their world. A fool’s errand, no? Perhaps. After all, stories are powerful and one of the best tools in the abusers’ kit.

Look for example at how the entertainment industry has insisted that rape is a victimless crime.

In the popular TV show, General Hospital, a rape is the start of a beautiful relationship that develops into a love affair and marriage. And check out the rape that wins the heart of a woman in Spike Lee’s film, She’s Gotta Have It. (Yeah, the title of this post was deliberate.) The gendering (interesting etymology on this word) of our culture means the dominance of the male.

You can read more on this question here.

So I’ll use my pen to tell my stories. And I’ll hope that  someone will get it.





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Self published writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, so far.
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1 Response to The Pen Is Power

  1. robstroud says:

    You’re absolutely right about how rape has been normalized, and even made “romantic” (i.e. the exact opposite of what it truly is). A similar corruption has occurred with the glamorization of prostitution. Rather than recognize these people as the victims they are, we witnessed a total reversal with the film “Pretty Woman,” that portrayed it as a liberating lifestyle that could fulfill one’s dreams… Sadly, this reinterpretation of reality continues…


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