Working Through

Writing through a difficult patch in my circumstances, head down, trying to stay focused. I’m taking stock of my strategy, not as a writer but as a self-published author. I’ve learned so far that you can’t do it alone — produce cover, set layout, proof, and market — that’s too much for one person. Oops, forgot — write and then write next book.


So I’m looking for an editor for my next book, a professional who will charge upwards of  a htousand dollars (it’s difficult to even spell the word right) to work with me to massage the book into a polished work. And there I go now mixing metaphors … the thought of all that expense is making me nutty but i don’t see how I can get around that.

I’ve got more than a few books planned; ideally I’d like to find a publisher and get out of the self-publishing game. And that’s the truth.

Meantime, in search of a professional evaluation of my work , I’ve hired a professional to read and report on it; at this point I don’t want to give that individual any free advertising so I won’t share identifying information. If things work out, which means if I get some objective, useful feedback from this investment, I’ll share the details of the arrangement here.

I don’t expect to hear how wonderful my writing is but I’m hopeful that there’s something worth reading there.

About neiladaniel

Self published writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, so far.
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