I Am 4th Generation KKK

I know there are many people who share these sentiments if not the personal history. I’m afraid that the country is headed for another civil war, one that will play out in chaos, on the streets, but will be as bloody and horrifying as that other that ended legal slavery. I’d say god help us all but prayer is not what we need now. We need good people to stand together and refuse to go along with the program. For too long we’ve been content to just be left alone to enjoy the little we could. It’s time to stand up and be counted.

Gringa of the Barrio

NOTE: This post is extremely long, raw & not for the politically faint of heart. But it is necessary.

Because of recent political events, the gringa feels compelled to share her perspective, experiences, hopes and fears. First of all, my perspective is that of a 4th generation KKK and I am a heretic as far as white supremacist ideology is concerned. However, all that I was exposed to growing up in an openly racist household has conditioned me to be particularly sensitive to the issues stirred up by my country’s future presidential prospect. I feel uniquely qualified to stand in the face of racism and call it out as well as stand in the face of a racist and call that person exactly what they are. I am ruthless at it. I offer no tolerance for racism apologists. I do not flinch or back down. I spare no one’s feelings…

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