Humpty Trumpty Built a Great Wall

Civil War

I think I see a strategy evolving in place as the White Right organizes to exacerbate the historic divisions in the country; fearful of what they see as their reduction to a minority, they intend to curtail the power of the Federal Government and revert to State rights as the basic organizational principle of the United States of America. Without a civil war to coerce its acceptance, this may not be possible.

Organize, Educate, Integrate

Those of us who are opposed must resolve to organize, educate and integrate. The power of the people, organized, gave us the Civil Rights Act in the face of the refusal of the state power to support it. We don’t need state power, we don’t need politicians, we don’t need leaders, we don’t need heroes. We need us, ordinary people like you and me, to get together and to work together and to resist forever.

They are doomed to fail.

Just look at Trump, failing all over the place as his policies backfire, one after the other.

Humpty-Trumpty and his wall are going to fall, for sure.


Organize; Educate; Integrate.

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