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Hi All, I’m head down in my new book and minimizing my social media activities but I’m troubled by the way the President’s treasonous behavior is eclipsing some very important news. ‘Fatal shootings’ in the USA seems to be spiking and I’m wondering why.

But my new book is going well. My plot is complete and I’ve written a full outline. The protagonist is a retired NYPD detective named Marty Victor. Here he is in his own words:

“When Janice died I went into a tailspin; we’d been married for twenty-three years, happy years, and then cancer took her from me. I just couldn’t say goodbye. The Captain was understanding and set it up so I had time-off, for good behavior Detective Victor, he said. Well I used up all the bereavement leave, holiday time, sick leave and every other kind of time-off the New York Police Department could give me and it still wasn’t enough so I decided it was time for me to quit, make a clean break before I did something stupid to mess up my retirement. In the end, the NYPD was generous; I was allowed to retire early with no loss of benefits. I don’t know how they worked it out but I was happy that they did.

It was okay for a while; I visited the city like a tourist, like Sherlock Holmes, looking at things I was accustomed to just seeing. That was fun but Janice was never far from my thoughts and going home after a day out on the street was hell. My retirement package came with a psychiatrist who was supposed to monitor my mental health. I think the Chief had put me on some kind of suicide watch seeing as how more than a few cops in my situation had gone for the self-inflicted, fatal head-shot. That wasn’t me but from their perspective, who knew? Anyway, the doc finally suggested that I should maybe think of going back to work, not for the department, that was not gonna happen, but I could try a new career. I laughed at the idea but it wasn’t the first time someone had suggested that to me. My younger brother, Mickey, was the first.”

Marty is confronted with a dangerous and mysterious antagonist in a story that kicks like a mule. I promise you an exciting and entertaining read. If all goes quickly, I should be done by next April.

The working title is Skylord.

About neiladaniel

Self published writer of sci-fi, fantasy, poetry, so far.
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